AINI TOLONEN (born 1959) is a photographic artist/author from Helsinki, Finland, who finds her inspiration in urban erosion. Her abstract photos could be stated as a journey into the other dimension of urbanity, and the sources of her visual poetry are dreams, myths and time. Seeing the most ordinary details she turns them into something that is far beyond our normal perception. "Seeing the world like one does as a child – that is the magic I want to share."


During the past years she has concentrated on abstract photography, trying to find unexpected ways to interpret reality and tell stories of the unseen. In her works Time and Erosion, the personal dreams and the associations are woven into a new poetical wholeness.







1988 Master of Arts, Helsinki University

1994 Arts Management, Sibelius Academy

2011 TAIVEX – Art Export Program, TINFO, Helsinki



2017 Dreams. Galleria Kajaste, Helsinki

2016 The Wanderer. Galleria Kajaste, Helsinki

2015 The Past Will Never Be Gone. Galleria Kajaste, Helsinki, Finland

Step Into My Dreamscape. Galleria Kajaste, Oulu / Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Lahti (invitation exhibition), Finland

Secret Journey. CAFE PATRO Gallery, Náchod; Jihlava, Czech Republic

2014 Secret Journey. Ravintola Käpygrilli, Helsinki, Finland

2013 Toisissa tiloissa (In Another Spaces). Laterna Magica, Helsinki, Finland



2016 100 Days of Summer, Gallery NEXT, Denver USA

Tarinoita todellisuudesta (Stories of Reality). Galleria Zebra, Karjaa / Kuva&Kamera-messut 2016 / Kirjasto 10, Helsinki, Finland

2015 Kotosalla. Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Finland

2014 GALLERIA/SHOWROOM. Tovi, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Finland

2012 100 Days of Autumn. Kirjasto 10 / Tovi, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki / Galleria Kähverä, Pieksämäki, Finland

Muistaa (To Remember). Näyttelytila, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Finland

Interpersonally Happy. Hanö / Öland / Sölverborgt, Sweden



2016 mrs-durden: Photography Interview Abstract and Surreal

2014 Incredible Texture Photographs by Aini Tolonen. Open Stock Blog.

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2013 Arctoa: An Interview With Aini Tolonen 

Die Ghul Show with Aini Tolonen

2012 Worlds Within Worlds. Aini Tolonen. The Southeast Review, Vol 31, Nr 1. Florida State University.



2015 365 Visions. Opus 1, Opus 2, Opus 3, Opus 4. YouTube. Video: Michael Kjoege

2014 United Against Ebola. Photos. Artists United Against Ebola. Blurb

2013 Three In Three. A Global Speed Art Affair. Triptych Photos.. Blurb.












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